What Is Cold Sea Sausage? And How Is It Used?

This morning when the alarm went off I was having a dream that I was in college, taking a test. The first question was “What is ‘cold sea sausage’, and how is it used? I was looking through my books and notes, trying to find the answer for so long that other people in the class were finishing the test. The college instructor was a US Marine, so nobody was really allowed to talk, but after a while, I asked out loud: “WTF is up with this first question?” Someone said it was a trick question.

Cold Sea SausageI woke up without reading the second question….What do you think of that dream? C’mon, don’t hold back.

In other news, I got my scooter back before lunch yesterday, and it seems to be running very well. They said that the bolt I found was not from my scooter and that they checked and all nuts and bolts seem to be in place. My Yamaha hero is back from vacation and the whole store is running smoothly again.

Yesterday, I don’t know what happened, I got up, did everything I normally do, and started heading to work. On the road were all the school kids. I thought “what thee bloody ‘ell is going on here?” and looked at my watch. I was a full half hour early. I don’t know why, but usually I barely have time to get everything done, and it’s time to go. Yesterday, I got everything done and went, and it was wayyyy early. Then I spent the morning wondering what I forgot to do.

It’s HUMP Day! Tomorrow is our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary. I have my wifes present sittin here on my table, in snowman wrapping paper. She just asked me, “What’s that Christmas present?” I said, without turning my head to see what she was talking about, or blinking or flinching, “What Christmas present?” Ha Ha!

7 thoughts on “What Is Cold Sea Sausage? And How Is It Used?

  1. We never remember our dreams so we are no help there. Glad your scooter is back. You crack me up. Our sisters significant other does that with the wrapping. Worse he raids the stash of those bag you pop gifts in and bungs them in any old bag. Last birthday my pressies were in the Easter ones and it was June. LOL. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Well, first off Happy Anniversary to you and the wife! Secondly, AWESOME news on the scooter. And lastly, I have no clue how to interpret those dreams as I have been having a few of my own that are way out in left field.

  3. Happy anniversary. Doesn’t seem like 4 years already. Our anniversary was yesterday and it was 19 years. Time sure flies. I remember when you used to talk about the other island girl and say how cute she was, etc. Feels kinda cool to have been there from the beginning.

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