What Next?

Here I am at home, the OI Girl is at work, all my Inner Space friends have gone home, I have no studying to do…. I’ve been doing laundry and reading a book called Marley and Me. A book about a dog. The OI girl gave it to me. My dog is 7 years old, he’s still a puppy to me but he already has a gray beard. At 7, in the book, the dog Marley is already really old.
It’s the first book I’ve read since I started my class, 10 months ago. I used to always be reading a book.
Also, I have a nice black eye, I whacked myself in the face with my dive computer. I was pulling a tank out from under the seat on the boat and my computer on my wrist/hand (see picture below) touched my cheek, It didn’t hurt or anything, but I got a black eye from it.
I’ve been telling everyone the OI Girl beats me regularly.
It’s kind of weird, I finished my class the same time I started vacation, I went diving every day the first week, now that is finished and I don’t have a fixed schedule, a routine to go by. I’ve already caught myself saying aloud “I miss studying” . . . Twice. I think I’ll take Spanish next. Again. Yo estudio espanol mucho, pero no hablo mucho porque no tengo opportunidad al practicar. The OI Girl speaks fluent Spanish.

Here’s a picture of me taken underwater that I really like. I emailed a copy to my Mom.

0 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. Glad you had a good time, MarkD. That picture frightens me, with all of that equipment hanging off of you. Better you than me, I’m a chicken. That’s why I’ll never get to see what you see first hand.

  2. Great pic!I think you will have plenty of opportunity to learn spanish and it sounds like you have a personal tutor, that’s more than many people have, I am fortunate enough to have my own interpreter (sp) as well. It’s nice to know spanish.

  3. that is a fantastic photo!its hard to imagine moving all that equipment AND a camera w/ strobe arms! is that shot from the 350′ dive?