What Today?

What am I going to post about today?
I found a slideshow about swine flu, but if I posted it, it would be like posting 18 pictures.
Basically all it says is that you have a better chance of drowning in the bathtub than catching swine flu. More people have always died because of the regular flu, and basically the big push and publicity is because Donald Rumsfeld owns the company that makes the vaccine. And apparently George Bush spent over a billion on bird flu and swine flu..
It says there is a lot more money to be made by pushing swine flu and bird flu vaccines, and there’s no money in fighting TB or AIDS.
More people die from murders and car crashes than swine flu.
And drowning in bathtubs.

0 thoughts on “What Today?

  1. I'd never heard that connection before. Now you've got me Googling it. Apparently, I need to spend even more time on the internet.

  2. Believe it or not, my sister got the Swine Flu so I was fully expecting to get it after she contaminated my fathers house.But, all I have had so far is a horrid cold that I can't seem to shake. (Knock on wood.)