What’s REALLY Bugging Me.

I applied for a job. Interviewed for the job. It went great, I was a perfect fit. We even discussed salary. I got a written offer for the job from the personnel department- at $9000 per year less than I’m making now, $15000 less than we discussed. At the very bottom of the salary range in the advert.

I replied, that this was unacceptable, in many more diplomatic words. Nice, professional email. They countered with a $2K raise, still in the bottom 10% of the salary scale advertised, and said that was as high as they could go. My reply was asking why they couldn’t get closer to what we discussed at my interview, and why could’t they go as high as they advertised.

No reply. I emailed again – no reply.

I went to talk to the guy at the interview, who would be my boss if I accepted. He said that he didn’t write the ad, and they didn’t have the budget.

I got an email from Personnel a few days later, saying I met with the director, and declined the job based on item 4 (salary I guess, I never looked). I replied, saying I hadn’t received a reply from m previous two emails, and one phone call, explaining why they couldn’t raise the salaary closer to what we discussed, and what was in the advertisement.Please explain.

No response.

So now it’s been four emails to personnel and one phone call, asking why they can’t increase the salary to what they advertised and we discussed, with no response. My guesss is that they’re embarassed, or don’t want to put it in writing, fearing legal action.

Hell, if the peak salary advertised was $7000 less than I was making now, I wouldn’t even have applied.

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