well I’m home. Just got here and just got out of the shower and I am just starting to relax a bit. I had a long day and not much sleep last night, but I plan on staying up till my regular bedtime just to get back on schedule.
At work the most important computer lost its operating system.Why? I don’t know, I think one corrupt file did it. But I am reinstalling the OS and reconfiguring the computer. It has all the music and commercials for the radio staion on the drives so I’m trying to save the data. Should be no problem.
At the transmitter site I have an intermittent noise problem. It is too weird to even start to discuss here. I gotta figure it out. I get a little crackling sound sometimes on the radio. Sometimes quite bad, and sometimes not at all.
Anyway, I don’t get paid enough to talk about work after work.
Want to see a cool article about spacesuits? Check this out! A space suit is a rebreather, but it also had tempurature and humidity controls. this an article about the Apollo spacesuits. It looks pretty complex to me, but you can still see the rebreather in there. The O2 bottle, the diluent bottle and the scrubber canister.
Oh you’re bored. Me too. I didn’t do much today, I didn’t go to the beach, I didn’t swim or anything. I didn’t take any pictures, except of some wiring that I wanted to be able to replace just like the manufacturer had it.
Anyway, I’m going to try and find a movie to watch.
Have a great night!

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