why bother?

Well I don’ t know what to post about today.
Didn’t sleep worth a dang.
Bad mood.
Wife gone to the gym.

Gotta take Sheba the itcher to the vet again.
Pick up my prescription.
Pay some bills
Everybody easily guessed my “what is it?” picture yesterday.
Coffee is my only friend…
I shouldn’t even bother posting this.

7 thoughts on “why bother?

  1. You should patent a T-shirt with that on it, if there's not one already. Coffee Is My Only Friend, I mean. Not the crab.

  2. Not a nice day, is it. Take Sheba for some sea bathing every so often. It can help with itchy skin. If you have her on kibbles, throw that out and give her some food without grains and put crushed raw garlic in it. It does wonders for a dog's itchy skin. Next time, post a photo that doesn't look like anything. Nobody will guess that right. I'm tellin' ya…get off that gluten. You'll sleep better. Now, that I've nagged you, I hope you have a better afternoon than you did morning.

  3. Och, you poor baby, I'm you're friend, you should come recuperate from life's ill's over here, for a bit (I'll make up the shed for you).

  4. Don't be crabby. Your alive and it's a wonderful day!! I do so love to eat crabs!! Yummo! Next to lobster, it's my favorite!! You sound like poor, pitiful Pearl. Shake it off!! …debbie

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