Wife Not Happy I’m Not Happy

hump day. The weather is kind of weird, very windy, while it has been sunny, it would rain almost everyday. I don’t think it’s going to rain anymore.
I’m getting a trailer hitch on the car so I can pull the boat so I can take it out on the water.
Nothings wrong but I don’t feel very good. The wife is having problems with her cast, hobbling around hurts her hips and legs and back. And when she’s not happy I’m not happy.
Also we’re getting an estimate for a fence around the yard. Fencing dude measured yesterday. Guesses? I predict $3000 so I’m gonna guess $5000.
Time for my first cuppa coffee so I’m gonna go! Happy Hump Day!


7 thoughts on “Wife Not Happy I’m Not Happy

  1. fences are expensive… especially the gate pieces. I think i paid something like $300 per section, and $800 for each gate section. My whole backyard ran be about $5-$60000

  2. sorry about the wife..that’s sad…$5,000 for a fence? hell you can hire a guard to keep people in or out for that much money.

  3. We call those ‘trailer hitchs’ TOWBARS here!
    When it comes to guessing the cost of anything, I make my guess, then I double it! It’s always double what you want to pay.

    I hope the quote isn’t too high.

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