Witty Topic

I think every Monday I name my post “It’s Monday”, and I put how I had a great weekend. Or a crappy rainy one.

This was a good one, our first wedding anniversary. I ate way too much yesterday. We had three big meals and also we had year old wedding cake that was surprisingly good!
This morning I got up and went for a run, a short one, about four tenths of a mile. It was good to get my heart pumping and the sweat flowing. Lately I’ve been wondering when was the last time my heart ran at full speed? I can’t remember the last time. Before this morning. I think I can fit this into my schedule.
Did you ever notice that pets is spelled almost the same way as pests? Why is that? I just noticed because I made a typo! But dog spelled backwards is God. Seems a contradiction….
Around here, we keep our pets up on a pedestal!

0 thoughts on “Witty Topic

  1. Well that cake certainly looks yummy!I try to go out a run a couple a miles 2-3 times a week and then try and recover for the next few weeks.