Womens Razors

razI’ve been seriously out or razors for a long time, using that last dull one… I like to buy the 50 pack of disposable razors, but I went to one store and they were out. Yesterday I went to the other store, and they were out too. Out of desperation and necessity, I purchased the only package of disposable razors I could find, a 10 pack of womens razors. (They’re purple, not pink, and they don’t really look too girly)

hovercraftWomen! These are an inferior product. There’s too much plastic. It’s like driving around on your face in a freekin’ hovercraft. You can’t mow in the corners because of the plastic bumpers. You should use mens razors, they’re much better. Less plastic. These are the best, try ’em!


The Schick slim.

You can thank me later!

7 thoughts on “Womens Razors

  1. What no girly pink ones? We are disappointed. LOL thanks for the chicken strips. I am most put out that I did not get any free chicken. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. i’ve been using men’s razors lately. 3 blades instead of 5. i hate all the ‘comfort strips’ and the like they put on ladies’ razors. whatever… i’m tough. i can handle it. sheesh!

  3. I have to agree with you. And they have these new women razors out that are triple edged and cut the bloody bejesus out of your legs. We won’t even say what they do to a womans underarms. But its okay because they are tropical scented. Go figure.

  4. I have just started using the really cheap, nasty girl razors on me legs… and am amazed at what a good job they do!
    Now you are telling me to try men’s ones?
    *sigh*… OK.

  5. My guess? The women’s razor blades were designed by men. For their mothers-in-law. Sorry, poor joke, but I’ve heard enough men complain about their in-law mamas.

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