Worse than Dawg food!

A couple of days ago, I went to the grocery store and all my dawgs food was gone. My dawg gets half a can of wet food every night, and all the crunchies he wants. Normally, he gets Alpo with gravy, the same kind that is being recalled. I had already checked the batch numbers and none of them matched, but I rekkon the grocery store didn’t check and just yanked that brand. So last night he had his first taste of the new food, chicken flavor. It smelled pretty good, and even looked like chicken (Alpo’s always the same color, no matter what flavor it is). My Dawg loved it! He really liked it a lot, I could tell.
Then it was dinner time for the OI Girl and me. In the fridge was some leftover Cous cous, (which looks kinda like rice with both ends cut off each individual rice granule), that the IO Girl made, and a lunchtime type beef stew, that you’d take to work and microwave. so I figured we’d have some leftovers and I plopped the cous cous and the stew in a pan and put it on low. It didn’t look so good, so I added a squirt (or three) of super-hot sauce, just to give it some color. And some pepper. and some Jerk seasoning. It still looked yukky and smelled pretty bad too.
Let me make a long story short. At one point, I referred to the conglomeration as mucous. The low-end dog food both looked and smelled way better. the OI girl looked a little scared, and I had visions of her telling her parents about this meal and this made me start laughing so hard I ended up practically crying, then the OI Girl started laughing too. The dog was looking at us like we were crazy.
We ended up dumping the whole mess and went out for Chineese food.

0 thoughts on “Worse than Dawg food!

  1. I’m disappointed you didn’t take a pic of your “dinner”. I bet your dog is thanking you for not feeding the ruined dinner to him. It may have been worse than the tainted dog food from the sound of it.

  2. Reminds me of the time I cooked a ham that Mark refused to eat b/c it was orange so we threw it to our chocolate lab and even SHE refused to eat it. Sigh.

  3. There has been more than one occasion where I have chucked dinner (that wasn’t even good enough for the dog) and went out for Chinese…It happens to the best of us…Trust me.

  4. When in doubt, go Chinese.Funny story, Mark.A gelatinous mass of mucous…Hmmm…did you order any Egg Foo Yung? Kinda looks like dog chow. 8-)~m