Worst Nightmare Ever

Last night I had the worst nightmare ever. I was at some community event. My friend Jay was flying a helicopter. My Wife, our friend Carol, and several other people were going for a short ride. The helicopter took off and was hovering about 10 feet off the ground. Suddenly, faster than possible, the helicopter zoomed off and was instantly thousands of feet away over the trees. I thought “helicopters can’t do that”.

Then the helicopter started wobbling. Pitching a yawing and moving in a lazy arc toward trees. I thought everyone inside must be unconscious because of the sudden, impossibly fast acceleration, and no one was flying.
Then the helicopter went behind the trees and crashed with a huge explosion and fireball. I screamed. To say I was in extreme anguish would be an understatement. I freaked out worse than I have ever freaked. I didn’t know what to do. I was crying “The helicopter crashed.” “My wife was on it”.
I thought about going over to where the crash was but I knew she was dead.
I tried to call my Mom and was surprised when my Dad answered. I told him what happened and got off the phone. I started heading towards the wreckage.
Next thing I know, I’m laying awake in bed. Thinking I won’t make it since my wife is dead. I realize I talked to my Dad and he has been dead since for years, since before we got married. I look over and my wife is sleeping next to me. For the first time, I realize it was a dream. Normally I would hesitate before waking her up. Not this time, I wake her up and tell her what happened.
Damn. I’m glad it was just a dream.
Worst nightmare ever.

6 thoughts on “Worst Nightmare Ever

  1. Mark. What in the World are you eating before bed??? lol I think you better not eat or drink after 7 pm except for water!! lol…debbie

  2. What a horrible nightmare! It seems you are braver than me though. When I have nightmares, I always wake up just before the penultimate moment, so I never see me die, or my wife or anyone close to me.

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