Would Be

This would be a long weekend coming up, with Friday and Monday holidays. They’re still holidays, but with this covid 19 thing goin’ on, it kinda messes it up.

My wife called me at work yesterday and asked me to go to the grocery store. I was kinda upset, ’cause I woulda gone first thing in the morning, had I known. But, the stores are restricted by last name/day, plus they’d be closed for the aforementioned holiday weekend. So I went.

Went to one store, couldn’t even get a paking spot. Went to the second, showed my airport ID, and got in the line, pictured above. It goes ahead in front me, just as far as you can see, then turns abruptly right and U-turns back and forth two or three times under the the pavillion thingy you see sticking out near the center of the pic. Well, lucky me, the policeman I showed my ID to walked alll the way down to where I was and got me and took me to the front of the line, because I was a working guy. It easlily halved my time at the store. Thank you Policeman!

AND, at work yesterday was a really cool bicycle, leaning up against the Air Traffic tower. I have no idea whose it was, but it was cool! I want one! Wonder if it can go on the beach!??!

Long and lean, big ‘ol fat tires. Looked sooo cool! There’s a phone number on the bike for the company…

Have a great day!

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