Wrecking My Target

I found a toy fish net on the beach and put in in the yard for a slingshot target. It works really well, and if you are accurate, you get your ammo back!
Yesterday I found the cats using my target as a playground or some kind of hammock!
C’mon Mom, keep your kids in line!

Why don’t you cats keep the chickens outta my yard instead?

Awww Dangit!

(The target is for my slingshot which I use against chickens who take advantage of other chickens. I hate to see the strong ones intimidate the weaker to get more food. Also chickens who come around and try to steal food from the cats. My ammo are these light round seeds that can’t travel fast and won’t hurt anything).

8 thoughts on “Wrecking My Target

  1. What a darling post!! I laughed at the kittens in your target! How cute is THAT!! I was amazed the cats didn't go after the chickens!! The photos are darling!! Whatdaya mean you don't have good posts?? I like your Blog!!! …debbie

  2. How cute! I think you have a soft spot for animals. By the way…the flowers I posted are trumpets. I just gave them "lilac pink" as an alternative color to mundane "purple". You've got one teeny bit of land. Maybe you and Sunshine should move to Grenada.

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