Ya Never Can Tell

Sometimes I post a post that I think is great and get very few (Or no) comments. Sometimes the crappy posts get a lot of comments. (Although I never really remember getting a LOT of comments.)
Take ferinstance my post about A Christmas Story. I thought that was a great post. The post was funny, clever, TRUE (it would make Christmas Story a better movie) the post was imaginative, and generally all around brilliant! And I expected billions upon zillions of comments. I expected Hollywood to call me about making the change in the movie. But no, One comment from a guy who said it probably wouldn’t work. And my rebuttal. Sheesh. Anyway, I rekkon that’s the way it goes.

Yesterday I fried my borrowed lawnmower. A big piece of the undercarriage came off and got all wrapped up in the blade. It’s a goner this time. Toast.

Also I went diving yesterday and saw my very first Hammerhead Shark underwater. It was cool!


0 thoughts on “Ya Never Can Tell

  1. It was only because I wasn't around to read. I rarely get a chance to read/comment/write on the weekends or holidays…too many hangovers, too much sleep to be had.

  2. OMG a shark! You have sharks… I ain't gunna go swimming with you anytime soon! I don't like sharks. I've caught a few in my day though.. a shotgun blast in the head is what I do to them! I know it ain't exactly nice…. but they are nasty!I blame that movie "Jaws"… I saw it just before going to the beach on holidays as a teenager… it put me off swimming for YEARS.