Yellow Bird

We have two bowls of water for birds. We get a lot of birds throughout the day, mostly teeny tiny ones, but a few pretty big ones. There was one in particular, that was almost pure yellow. He or she would come when I didn’t have my camera. Well, yesterday I got the shot! This bird is barely bigger than your thumb!

Three Birds at once

0 thoughts on “Yellow Bird

  1. I love that little yellow bird! What's his name? It looks like a "him." Lol. Despite being cute and yellow.

  2. I think it's a she. The wing colors are diluted. What ever it is it's really pretty. I Love bird shots! Great job! At first I thought it was a Canary, but they don't roam around in the wild do they??? We had one once, similar to your little birdie here, sang so pretty!! Neat Post…debbie

  3. Very nice photos, we love birds and get a kick when we see a new one we've not seen before. I just love when Spring arrives and all of the little birds are singing such happy songs when we wake in the mornings. Thanks for blogging, it gives me some time away from our wintery wonderland*wink* If I could I'd send you a box full of snow, wouldn't that be fun?Blessings,Kelle

  4. Hi Mark,your photos are wonderful, delightful little birds dressed in yellow who drink cheerfully in the bowls. P. S. Thanks for commenting on my post