Yes: In The Round, Don’t Kill The Whale, 1978

I was looking at some of my old posts and I saw one from June 2005 about music and I mentioned the song Don’t Kill The Whale, by Yes. I saw this band twice on their Tormato tour, 17 days apart, in 1978. First at the Capital Center in Landover Maryland, and again at I-don’t-know-where in Kansas City. It was a truly great show. (The song, Don’t Kill The Whale, is on the Tormato album). The stage was in the center of the arena floor, and it rotated.
So, I was thinking to myself, I said “Self, That’d be a pretty nice n easy post for a Sunday morning” So here it is, the official music video of the song, Don’t Kill The Whale. I love this song, and I hope you will take the time to listen. (I bet they had to let their instruments dry out for a long time after they made this video!)
Don’t Kill The Whale, Yes by MarkD60

The Capital Center

5 thoughts on “Yes: In The Round, Don’t Kill The Whale, 1978

  1. That's hilarious…they suddenly appear, standing on the water…made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  2. you lucky self! I had tickets to see YES in KC in June of 79 @Kemper Arena. It *would* have been my first rock concert, but alas the arena roof collapsed 2 days before the show in a severe t-storm. the show was cancelled. damn. Jon and Rick leave the band a year later. I had to settle ; ) to have The WHO be my first concert instead. But I will always be a YES fan.

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