Yesterday was quite hectic, I picked up my friends, took them to their hotel, and we went diving. It was kinda late when we finally got in the water, and getting dark. But it was OK for a test run. Today we will do a deeper dive. I woke up at my regular time to do some studying, and then diving at 8:30 ish. Well, I pick them up at about 8:30, all the dive gear is here, at my apartment. So we’ll come back here and put everything together and then go.
I found my bluetooth earpiece, it was in a pair of pants in the drawer. Finally! I was going crazy, loosing one hand every time the phone rang. I had the OI Girl call me, and then I walked around thehouse – “Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?” Then I got near the dresser, she could hear me. So I started digging. Yippee!!!