Had a pretty good weekend. It was windy but on Sunday the houe was blocking the wind and it was pretty sunny so I got to defrost a bit.

This is my 1111th post. Cool, huh? It’s cool because all the numbers are ones! I am very easily amused.
To celebrate, I’m posting more pictures:

Here’s a metal frog on our back porch

We had BLT’s for lunch Saturday

Another bug
This is a pic of a plane flying over that I enhanced.

(Click to enlarge, especially the bug and the jet. . .And the BLT, and the frog)

0 thoughts on “1111

  1. That froggie is so cool! Just box it up and ship on over to my back yard. You may want to wait untl the snow melts though. Speaking of which, I hope you aren’t still “freezing” in your tropical paradise. You sounded like the people in Phoenix who used to throw on the heavy coats and gloves when it would hit 60 degrees. Heh heh.

  2. Nice bug, nice sanga, great jet stream, and the frog aint half bad either!!PS: There is another koala picture for you on my latest post…..how much can a koala bear?!