Shitty Afternoon

Yesterday when I got home, I found that Sheba had had a major accident in her kennel. A Double Dose of Dangerous Deadly Doggie Diarrhea. Out of sympathy, or perhaps enticed by the heady aroma, Ditto crapped on the back porch as well. . . FOUR TIMES.
Poor Sheba was covered in it, her face, back, tail. She had even gotten crap on the ceiling of her kennel!
I slid the whole thing out on the back porch, donned rubber gloves and swim trunks, got out the garden hose and dog shampoo, and let her out of the kennel. I gave her a half-a-bottle shampooing and took her outside, where Ditto already was. Then I disassembled the kennel, hosed it and scrubbed it. Then I hosed and scrubbed the whole back porch.

When the OI Girl got home, it was pretty much cleaned up, but Sheba was still stinkin’ so we gave her another bath, this time with half a bottle of ‘No More Tears’ baby shampoo.

I think she still stinks.

Poor Sheba was so humiliated.

I should have taken pictures.

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