128 years ago

Today is my Grandfathers birthday. Damon E. Grim was born in 1885 and died in 1976.
He was a farmer in Ohio. He had no teeth, nine fingers, big ears, rough whiskers and walked slow. He’s been dead thirty two years, I think of him everyday. I miss him and try to be like him.
His dogs name was Jet.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the date I first set foot on Grand Cayman, July 17th 1996. I came here on vacation, and six months later I lived here and have been here ever since! Hope they let me stay!

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  1. How is the American dollar there? Can you get mansions for pennies? Or is it a really welathy country where my American dollar won’t buy as much as here in the States?

  2. If I may ask (you don’t have to answer) where did your grandfather live in Ohio? I currently live in a very obscure farming community and I was just curious if I was close.Likewise, did you ever reside in Ohio?

  3. Things are more expensive here than the US, because everything is imported. My Grandfather lived in Wilmington, Ohio, and his last name was Grim! (with only one ‘M’.) I never lived in Ohio, but my Mom was born there and I loved to visit! I was there a year ago exactly!