Whacked by lightning

Yesterday, it was a clear and cloudless sunny day, I know, because I was out there for a while. Then I came inside and five minutes later, it was pouring rain like it can only in the Caribbean. Then I had to go back out, and I didn’t have my raincoat. And we had some lightning and thunder at the same time. I was driving in our Radio Cayman Fred Flintstone Van and saw lightning hit it looked like behind our tower. And you know somethings up when the lightning and thunder occur at the same time!!!
When I got back to the station our BBC receiver and newsroom soundboard were fried.
I borrowed a board from a local soundman and was here till 9PM last night swapping it out.
I don’t mind this kind of working late, it’s my job. I just hate working late doing somebody else’s job.
Plus my phone got wet in my pocket and quit working, but it’s OK after drying out!