Last night I went out to dinner with the OI Girl and a friend of a friend who is visiting the island. I had never met her before and we went to Guy Harveys restaurant. It was pretty good. I had a steak. Then we dropped her off and went home and went straight to bed and sleep. Then I woke up at 3:30 to study and the neighbors were just getting home. I don’t miss that one bit!
There was a beautiful sunrise this morning and I have a split shift today.
Also today I’m paying the 50% deposit for the blueprints to my house!

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  1. This same person left a comment on my blog, too. Never heard of her before. Good luck on the new house! You’ve got to post some pics as its being built.

  2. I thought I was beyond the getting home at 3:30 thing…I’m not. Though I don’t do it that much anymore. It’s fun once and a while, but on a school night?!?!Yay, another step closer to the house!