Wild Alaskan

Last night I stopped by the grocery store and got some salmon. They had two kinds, plain ol’ salmon, $8.50-ish a pound and “Wild Alaskan Salmon” $11.50-ish a pound. I opted for the Wild Alaskan. I got it home and was getting ready to put it on the grill, I noticed it had a lot of bones. So I took a pair of pliers and pulled them all out, one by one. It was kind of like pulling out nails, but easier, and I used pliers instead of a hammerclaw. I always have pliers in the kitchen, they’re handy for a lot of things, like hot pots an’ pans, pulling fishbones and whatnot.
The Salmon came out pretty dang good. I bet the plain ol’ wouldn’t have had any bones though.
I should have gotten some of each and had a comparison, both bone content and taste.
I gave my dog some
salmon too, raw.

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  1. I have kitchen scissors, no pliers though. I get grossed out with fish. If it comes to me already cooked, I’m o.k. If I have to cook it, chances are I’m not going to eat it.

  2. Interesting, because last Sunday Greg and I opted for the wild Alaska Salmon instead of the reg kind too and also found that it had a ton of bones in it. we used tweezers to get them out. We thought the wild salmon was a bit better than the reg. But the reg never had bones in it. the price difference is a doozy here though. Reg salmon was $9.99 a pound while the wild was $18.99 a pound. Next time we want to smoke it on the smoker with alder wood. Yum!