A bird and audio blogging

I want to add audio to my blog. Every morning when I walk my dog, I stop by this telephone pole where this bird is singing the most incredible songs. Nonstop, non repetitive and an amazing range of different sounds make this birdsong endlessly fascinating to hear.Audio blogging is free, except for the cost of a long distance phone call, but I don’t want to do it that way. I want to upload my edited audio file.

I’ve been looking. I need to learn more about web page design. I could “cheat” by cuttng and pasting sections of the template but I would rather learn from a pro.

Yesterday, I planned on calling in sick today, but last night my boss called with a problem I need to go fix first thing… The only time I ever called in sick was when my foot was broken.

I feel kind of restless, irritable and discontented today.

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  1. Hi Mark,Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment. 🙂 I’m reading through the rest of your site right now…