A Grade School Song For You!

On top of Spaghetti
All covered in cheese.
I lost my poor meat ball,
when somebody sneezed.

It rolled off the table,
and onto the floor.
And then my poor meat ball,
rolled out of the door.

It rolled through the garden,
and under a bush.
By then my poor meatball,
was nothing but mush.

But then the next summer,
There grew a great tree.
All covered with meat balls,
and Chef Boy Ar Dee!

Yeay! Wanna hear another one?

4 thoughts on “A Grade School Song For You!

  1. I KNOW this song (never knew past the rolling out the door bit though, so I usually made up the rest as I went along) – I used to sing it at work all the time, much to the huge irritation of everyone around me.. Ahhh, what glory days (grin)!!

  2. Ha Ha!! Been a Loooong time since I've heard that song!! lol, yeah, lets hear another one…brings back elementary school times!! …debbie

  3. oh my Goddess ..I remember that one..and the song it came from..on top of old smokey..hahacrusing down the river..on a greasy bag of prunes, the one i hate will be the first to date…waiting by the sewer gaaaaaaate.

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