A really good day.

This morning, I went on the beach walk and didn’t find any trails or nests. But I took this picture looking north along Seven Mile Beach. If you look real far, you can see a big house where the beach ends and the trees begin, way past the one with the blue green roof, that little white one. That’s where I started from, I was a little less than half way when I took this picture.

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Then I went to work. Ya know, I cant think of a thing about work that is worth mentioning. Except during lunch I went to the beach and went swimming.
This is my feet at Smith Cove. See the girl on the beach? See the rock behind the girl? that’s where my towel and car keys are.
This is a cave at Smith Cove. I swam through there. If the water’s rough, It’s not a good idea to swim through there.
this is me inside the cave. Look! I have a pointy head! See the water welling up? It’s coming through a hole on your left. I was trying to get some pics that were half above water and half below the water but none of them came out. I wanted to take more pictures but my camera batteries died.
After lunch I went back to work, and yeah, I go back all salty and crusty and sandy. It’s not too bad after I wash my face. I keep a deodorant there too!
I still can’t think of anything about work today that’s worth mentioning. OK one thing, about a half hour before time to go home, I got this insane craving for pizza.

After work I went diving. It was a shallow, short dive. It was really good. There were a lot of big tarpon and jacks at this cavern. We kneeled there and held still and the fish came very very close. Too bad I didn’t have my camera. It still had dead batteries.
This is a picture I took day before yesterday, when I was snorkeling. I was saving it as a backup picture, in case I needed one ’cause my batteries died. I’m not sure if it’s a boxfish or a trunkfish. It’s about 8 inches long and squirts water out it’s mouth to blow sand out of the way to find food.

Now I’m home from my dive, I am typing with one hand bacause I ordered a thin crust pepperoni and mushroom pizza. Tomorrow I have to go to work super early because of a remote broadcast. there will be coffee there!!

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  1. Well, Mr. Pointy Head, I am curious about you, and whatever it is you do (broadcasting?), so I’ll drop in again and again and see if you get a turtle nest in your scorebook.Thanks for the visit to me, too.

  2. Oohhh I wanted mushroom and pepperoni pizza last night but got vetoed. We ended up getting bacon and onion pizza. (insert disgusted look here)Those are some fab pics. You are making me miss the beach. Makes me rethink this moving to the midwest thing. Now WHY did we leave the coast?

  3. WOW those pics are really beautiful. I havent seen a real beach in a very long time =(I need to try snorkeling again. Last time I went it was in the Baja reef off the California coast and I soon realized I didnt take a deep enough breath to blow all the water out of my snorkel. Like a dork I panicked and breathed in instead of hitting surface and just taking it outta my mouth. Nothing like lungs full of salt water =P

  4. Now that’s what I call taking a lunch break. Mysrey and I work together and I said that if I lived near a beach, I’d do the same thing you do. I’d have to get used to not wearing make up and get my hair cut super short. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about doing that all over again. Yummy, pizza!

  5. okay…here in pennsylvania…we are all in love with you and ditto. i know carnealian told you so, but we are SO JEALOUS! and besides, that we love animals, and the ocean, and we are all very nice, and we want to be there! love your pics, we pretend we are there with you, swimming!

  6. Wow… awesome pictures. I’ve never been to an island before. The coast isn’t quite up to all that. How could you ever have a bad day living there?