getting ready to go

I’m geting ready to walk out the door for the turtle egg beach walk. I have to cover a lot of beach. I’m thinking I won’t find anything, the season is almost over, but I have to keep an open mind. And open eyes.
Woke up this morning and walked the dog. Canis Major was right in front of my door when I went out. Under Orion. Very clear night. (morning). Still pretty dark, but getting lighter.
Didn’t sleep worth a damn last night, every two hours I woke up. But I feel fine.
OK See ya!

0 thoughts on “getting ready to go

  1. This may sound odd but I know I am going to have good luck when my palms itch. It’s a proven fact! I always buy a lottery scratch off ticket when my palms itch and I always win. Usually only $2. Soooooo…. when you get itchy palms you will know that you are going to find a turtle nest that day. And don’t forget to take your camera with you.

  2. On a completely different subject, your pics are beautiful. You have a good eye. I need to look into Flickr for my photo’s. And I love Ditto! Give him a squeeze for me!

  3. And on another side note, there’s about 3-4 of my girlfriends and I that would like to know when we can move in with you? You wouldn’t mind would you?