Adobe Audition Ripoff

I guess I’ve been ripped off by Adobe Inc. I purchesed Adobe Audition 3 (an audio recording and editing program) many years ago, I have the disc and registration but when I install it, it wants to do some online verification which fails. There’s phone verification, which has a recording saying that phone validation is no longer supported. I can see my putchase when I log in at Adobe’s website but, making a long story short, I haven’t been able to get it to work.

A while ago, I was whining about several years of lost photos, when I quit backing them up to DVD. So I got a DVD burner, and hooked it up to my ancient Windows XP machine, which couldn’t see the DVD burner. So, I upgraded (free) to Windows 7. After that, I was eligible to upgrade (free) to Windows 10. So I did. Just for shits and giggles, I decided to try to install Adobe 3.

Making a long story short again, I wasted about two days on a machine that I barely even use anymore. All I use this laptop for is external hard drives, which an Android tablet can’t drive.

But I’m mildly disappointed in Adobe. Audition 3 costed about $300, if I recall correctly. Oh well.

It’s Wednesday! I can smell the weekend just around the corner!

Have a good day!

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