Do The Stuff

This is how I feel this morning. Yesterday was like; “Wow! It’s Wednesday already!” Today is like; “It’s not Friday yet? This week is dragging on forever.”

My coffee is perfect this morning.

I suppose I should raise some hell with Adobe, referring to yesterday’s post. There’s a program called “Cool Edit Pro”, by Syntrillium. Syntrillium sold Cool Edit to Adobe, who changed the name to Audition. It’s basically the same. I have Cool Edit working, no problem, so I have everything I need, but it’s the principal.

I also need to get off my butt and get Jetpack working again, seems like nobody can find my blog without it. I need to figure out the mechanics of that..

Yesterday, at my beach lunch, people were moving their boats because of some weather ccoming in. This morning is windy from the north, cool and nice. And big waves, I can hear them from here, and I saw them this morning on the walk. I wish I knew where the fishermen and divmasters get their weather info, because they’re always ahead of the weathermen.

I’m tired this morning, I went to bed early, and woke up early. I just need more coffee!

Have a great day!