Aliens, Seamonsters and Anomalies

Yesterday on the beach I made found a weird footprint. It looks to me like an eight toed seamonster, or maybe a space alien.

In other news, the Wife is tired of me beating her up every day, and therefore tomorrow she says she is getting up at 5:20 AM, so she will be beating me up. My alarm goes off at 5:55 AM.

As most of you know, we have, allegedly, two dogs. However, I am beginning to think we have more than two. Yesterday, I was in the living room, and there was a big yellow dog laying in the middle of the floor. Of course she was laying in the most obtrusive, inconvenient spot. After carefully and with great difficulty, climbing over aforementioned large dog. I walked into the bedroom, where I found an identical dog, laying in the middle of the bedroom floor, also in the most obtrusive, inconvenient spot. Take my word for it that I wasn’t paying attention when she moved it couldn’t have been the same dog. Similar anomalies have occurred with the black dog. Scientific investigation to follow.

That’s it for your Tuesday Stupid News.

9 thoughts on “Aliens, Seamonsters and Anomalies

  1. !!!!!AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! A MONSTER IS ON THE LOSE!! Head for the hills…of course,in the hills there are strange yellow dogs laying about!! You dreaming again? or do you have house quests?! …debbie

  2. That's some footprint. Glad it isn't mine 🙂 About that dog, yeah…I'm sure my Foxie is one of quadruplets. It's a good way of getting attention…of some sort.

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