Beach Bird Photos and Funny Signs

Beach birds and funny signs go together like blood and guts, peanut butter and jelly, Romeo and Juliette, milk and cookies, chicken and dumplins, guns and ammo, duct tape and kidnappers…. Doncha think?

I went to the beach yesterday and took pics of this bird. And below that are some signs from my phone camera. After the beach I came home and watched my football team get whuupped.

Surf Walking Beach Bird looking at me.

Close up

Apparently, this umbrella DOES protect against meteors and falling coconuts

Hmmmm, how can I get around this?…

10 thoughts on “Beach Bird Photos and Funny Signs

  1. I'm reading blogs again. Lol. I always love your pictures. I'm trying to put more in mine. I added a picture of a camaro to my blog after I had written it today.

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