alright weekend

It was an alright weekend, I planted a coconut tree and a papaya tree, Hopefully they’ll live.
I was whacking weeds and my weed whacker is screwing up, no power, and won’t stay running. I cleaned the air filter, which was clean, and cleaned the spark gap, which was clean, and I have new fuel. I did everything in the manual that is says to do, the next thing is take it in. Guess what? Nobody on the island works on them, apparently.
It’s a new frikkin weed whacker, it doesn’t even have 15 hours on it.

Todays the OI Girls BDay. We’re having dinner out tonight at a restaurant she picked. Luca

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  1. Thanks for all the comments you’ve left on my site; I’ve not been creative nor really interested in blogging much, but it;s nice to see you as a regular visitor – its encouraging. No, I’ve not quiet turned it into a Funeral blog, just a lot of darkness in my world lately and its nice to see the Cayman light every now and then.I hate weed wackers, they’ve always given me hell, and yes – always, even the crappy electric ones. LOL good luck with it.