Late Post

I had an outside broadcast this morning, and had to leave home early, so I couldn’t post.

But here I am now.

OI Girl and I had a good dinner last night. It was her birthday. We got dressed up and went out. I wore socks.

Here’s some sunset pics from our back porch the other day

0 thoughts on “Late Post

  1. Love the pics Mark. You guys look good together. She’s definitely worth wearing socks for. LOL. I thought she was OI (other island) girl. Not OL’ girl. Is the wedding still on for May and is everyone (including your readers) invited?L

  2. I just saw Ditto’s poopy video. I laughed so hard I teared up. Love your pics, keep em coming. I’d like an inside tour of your house. You know, since we all couldn’t come for a housewarming party. LOL