Animal Pic Wednesday

Humpday. I went for a run/swim. Fed the animals pictured above, and those not pictured, outside. I shaved and showered and made my coffee and lunch. I feel that I’ve accomplished enough for today.

Who called it? I called it! See the orange X circled below? Yesterday it was a yellow X, much closer to Cayman. It’s the storm that we had last weekend and earlier this week.  

Although the forecast predicted rain all week, it all moved away and now there’s a 60% chance it will become a storm. And the weather looks pretty good today too!

Now it’s time to head to work.  Blah. Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Animal Pic Wednesday

    • The cat is: “Woe is me! The weight of the world rests on my shoulders!” The dog is “Food? Food? Do you have any food that you can give me?”

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