Hurricane Florence, Today’s The Day

Today and tomorrow will be rough days for North and South Carolina and Georgia. Hurricane Florence will be headed ashore. Y’all stay safe and good luck.

Yesterday I “moved in” to a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S9. It seems quite different than my old S7. So far, I’m neutral.

Speaking of neutral, I’m feeling pretty neutral today, blah. It’s almost the weekend! The weather looks very clear today, I think it’s a day I can ride my scooter to work.

Yesterday afternoon, I started on the overhanging trees on the back property line. My left forearm is very sore, I think from chucking pieces of wood over the fence. I’ll probably wait till Sunday to do some more.

Have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Hurricane Florence, Today’s The Day

  1. They say it’s going to be a bad storm. We have friends in South Carolina who are now headed to Maine to visit family and be safe.
    I just saw the prices for the new iphone and they are crazy. One version is selling for over 1,000. I can’t imagine ever paying that much. Have a nice day.

  2. I’ll be curious to see how you like your S9. I’ve always had an iPhone, and really don’t know anything else. My iPhone 6 is getting pretty old, so will need to get something new one of these days!

    • From what I understand about Florence, it’s the amount of rain more than the wind.
      My arm feels better today, thanks!

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