Another weekend ending

Another weekend is ending, bummer.
Tomorrow it’s back to work. I have to work late this week because that girl is gone and I’m entering the playlists for the two studios. Hmmmm Maybe I should go in at noon, after a morning dive the whole time she is gone… I DO have a deep dive buddy coming on Tuesday. We need to do LOTs of 250’s and 300’s.. There is a dive site called Funky Town I want to get very familiar with. I have dove it maybe 4 or 5 times. It is an interesting cavern type formation in the wall at about 200 – 300 feet. At about 250 is a tunnel about 5 feet in diameter, big enough to comfortably swim through. The tunnel makes kind of like an inverted, twisted, V pattern, with the entrance at about 250 feet, then up to the pointy part of the V at about 220, then down to the exit at about 280 feet, and comes out pretty far from where you go in. It’s really dark until you make the sharp turn at the corner of the V, then you can see the exit. It is spooky and fun! I have only been through the tunnel once. It is truly a fantastic dive. I’d like to do it every day for a week, just to get ultra familiar with it. We’ll see what my dive buddy wants to do. He might have students. I’ve been trying to get someone to dive Funky Town for a long time.
I went diving today, it was pretty nice. And I went to the beach this afternoon/evening. I have been having a pain under my right shoulderblade that goes all the way up my neck into my head. I thought some running and swimming might work it out. It felt better for a while. It’s been bugging me for more than a week. I was swimming when the sun went down, and almost everybody had gone home. It was really nice.
This morning I was supposed to have a coffee date, but I called her and got her voice mail. I left a message and she never called back, same as last time. Last time I left 3 messages, this time I left only one.
Yesterday I felt kind of cheated, my boss called Friday night and said they were supposed to test the generator at work from 9 AM to 11 AM, could I go there and kind of stand by, in case anything went wrong. So I went there and nobody showed up. It was sunny all morning while I was at work waiting for nothing and as I was leaving work it got cloudy and started to rain and stayed cloudy all day. So I missed my sun-chance.
Aren’t my problems stupendous?
I am really lucky to have such a great life!

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  1. It sounds like a lovely day. The sun wasn’t shining today over here…too much marine layer. I sometimes get a similar pain in that same area…just behind my right shoulder blade spanning up to my neck. I hope yours goes away soon.