My name is on the ISS!

My name is on board the International Space Station!
I received an email from David Poyer. He sent a picture and link to an article in the
Virginian Pilot newspaper. In the article is this same picture of Astronaut John Phillips reading “Down To A Sunless Sea”, which was was sent up to the ISS on the most recent shuttle mission. Dave was writing “Down To A Sunless Sea” while he was taking my scuba class in (about) 1995 or 1996. My name is in the “thank you’s” in the front of that book!
I am very proud to know David Poyer, I consider him a friend. He probably considers me one of his most severely googley eyed fans, but it’s OK!
I read almost all the books he has written, and they are all excellent reading! My only complaint is that he can’t write as fast as I can read!
If you like hearing about my dives here, then you would love
“Down To A Sunless Sea” and all the books with Tiller Galloway in them. The Dan Lenson books are about a Naval officer, they’re really good too. (You know I used to be in the Navy.) Every one of David Poyer’s books has been great. I didn’t know about his newest, or I would have picked it up while I was in the US last week.

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  1. How cool is that? I think that is something I’d have to bring up to everyone I ever met afterwards, but that’s just me. Hee hee. Congratulations!

  2. indeed that is very cool. I’ll have to check out those books. I’m looking for something to read besides scientific american.

  3. Very cool! Not many can say their name is in space. In regards to books, I picked up a book the other day titled “Shadow Divers” – it’s about the discovery in 1991 of a sunnken U boat in about 230 feet of water & divers’ exploration of it. I’m finding it a great read. Have you ever read it?