As usual

I’m at work as usual. I got up early to study, as usual, I can’t think of anything to post about, as ususal, and it looks like I’m working both days this weekend, as usual.

Thanks for the input yesterday about checks. I see the risk for the seller who is taking the check. In a better world, it wouldn’t be a problem. When I see people use credit cards for grocerys, I assumed that it was because they didn’t have the money and were basically borrowing the money for the basics. I can’t see this. A person has to live within his means. I like checks. They’re good when I don’t know how much something is going to cost, like a car repair, or groceries. Also, I could and sometimes still can, write a check at the grocery store for $50 over the amount, saving me a trip to the bank. I don’t have an ATM card or any credit card except American Express (which you have to pay in full, every month). I have been in credit card debt before, and will never go back. I think checks are totally good, except people have messed it up, making it unsafe for the seller.

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  1. Actually money is on it’s way out, it needs to be. It’s beginning to cost more to make it. I have heard that it costs more to make a penny than it’s worth. So some great politician has decided to propose that all purchases be rounded to the nickel. That’s crap. So there has to be an easier way…But it’s a catch 22. We love the convenience of plastic. but with identity theft these days…cash in a mattress sure sounds good.

  2. Don’t assume that everyone who uses a credit card to pay for their groceries is living beyond their means. Lots of people use credit cards to rack up mileage and other perks. I know a guy who used his AMEX whenever possible, for an entire year, no matter how small the purchase. At the end of the year he was able to give his sister and her new hubby an all expense paid honeymoon! LW

  3. I tried to post on this yesterday, but was having technical difficulties. I have written 3 checks since I bought my house 2.5 years ago. Debit is the way to go for me. But, I work in a grocery store that takes around 200 checks per day still. 5 years ago that was closer to 500.

  4. I just find it so much more useful to pay with the debit card because it works almost everywhere these days because it says VISA on it!I guess I’m just too lazy to write checks… 😉