I didn’t get to do my split shift yesterday, but I did get a beach lunch. Today is my regularly scheduled split shift day and I WILL be at the beach if it all works out.
Right now I am freezing in the Air Conditioning.
Today the OI Girl should be finding out when she’s coming back. I am READY!

What do you think about checks? Here, a lot of the stores have quit taking them. Do you think checks are obsolete things from the olden days? Or are they still good for modern times? I went to the grocery store a few days ago. I had my checkbook, but I started thinking about it then and just used my American Express card. Checks would still be good except a few have ruined it for the many. I have never bounced a check in my life. But many people will write a bad check without even feeling a pang of guilt. Other people use a credit card for groceries and go deeper and deeper in debt. I have always frowned upon people who use a credit card at the grocery store. Then the other day I said, “Why not?”
Checks are good if you need to prove you paid, the cashed check is your reciept, but so is the credit card statement. Nowadays. I get my pay direct deposited, I pay all my bills online. The only check I need to write is my mortgage in the US. Maybe someday even cash will be made obsolete.
What do you think?

0 thoughts on “Checks

  1. The only time I write a check is for my kid’s karate class (they don’t take a credit card) and for a couple of bills I can’t pay online (our utility company charges a $3 fee to pay online, so I just write a check). Everything else is paid with a credit or debit card. If I use a credit card, I pay off the entire balance every month.

  2. Here in Canada, people hardly uses checks. But everytime I am there in the US, I see it kind of odd that checks is so widely used. Anyway, I still have the checkbook that was issued to me, oh, seven years ago. I have used a few but hardly anymore. Heck, I don’t even know where I kept it now.

  3. I still see people using checks and I’m generally surprised. Why not just use your debit card??? Then they wouldn’t be holding up the entire line while the write out their silly check, provide ID, balance their check book and so on.

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  5. I have a feeling that cash is on it’s way out…Truthfully, the only time that I have cash is when I’m leaving town and I’m not sure where I’ll be able to use my debit card.I have never had a credit card. I don’t need the debt. I already have crazy student loans and a car payment…

  6. Cheques are already obsolete if you ask me and yes, in time the same may be true for cash though I personally don’t think that is as close as others think it is. Why do you frown on people using their credit cards at the supermarket? It’s an opinion I know that others share, just curious about your take on it.Saw you at the Heroes Day parade on Monday. Tried to get your attention, but alas I was ignored by the man in the yellow shirt. Think I saw you drive by my house a few evenings ago too…you’re everywhere!:) LW

  7. I’m a debit card girl myself. I don’t like to write checks, just because I’m lazy and they’re not quite as quick as a card.