Back from the Brac

I’m back at work, I was on the 6:40 AM flight and came straight to work. So here I am, ready to go home. I’ll be afew hours though.
I had a good time while I was gone. it was good to see the OI Girl. She worked in the mornings and I hung by the pool and the beach.
She’s kind of like a go out at night type and I’m a go to bed early type. we went to a cookout yesterday evening an it was freezing!
Last night I dreamed I dropped my laptop down a big flight of stairs. I watched it bounce bounce bounce and the CD tray broke off. It still came on, but it was screwed!
Ik, a nightmare!
This isn’t much of a post, but I’ve got to get to work.

0 thoughts on “Back from the Brac

  1. Thanks Christa!Carnealian, Chesneygirl and Renee, I rekkon about 70, plus wind chill, it feels like minus 110. I was the only one not wearing a sweatshirt!911 Fearless Leader, no I have never told a living soul about my blog, Eveeryone who knows about it found out it from the inside! So the OI Girl doesn’t know she’s the OI Girl. OI stands for “Other Island” by the way!

  2. Good you had a good weekend….it was probably all of 65 degrees whereever you were and you thought that was freezing?! Nightmares about the computer are coming from the trouble you have been having! Relax, breathe in, breathe out.