Packing and Cleaning

I’m going to see OI Girl this afternoon, I’ll go straight to the airport after work. That means this morning I’m packing for the trip and cleaning tha apartment because I try to create the illusion for the dogsitters (next door neighbors) don’t know I’m a slob.
Also I have to get all the scuba gear out of the car. And pack the scuba gear I’m taking and get it in the car. I got about 6 hours to do and a half an hour to do it. This would bbe a problem for a normal person, but as you know, I’m not a normal person.
Just let me finish this blog entry and this cuppa coffee and I’ll get right on it!
The computer store wants the TV Tuner box back. They don’t think it’s the computer. OK, it DOES screw up on two computers… SO that’s on my list of things to do today.
After reading FroggieMoms post on DMV’s, I went yesterday to get my drivers license. I was standing in line and the license making machine broke again. A lot of people got angry but I just laughed. I told them I had been waiting since DDecember 5th. Normally I’m the first one to get angry. I get angry easier but then I get over it easier too. I think.
Anyway I possibly won’t be posting while I’m gone, like I seldom do when I visit the OI Girl, but I’ll be missing you all! You know I’ll be getting laid, wishing I could post a post and read your blogs! Right?
Hee Heee HEEEE!
Hava good weekend!

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  1. Have a great time!Sorry about the DMV; did you get your license renewed? Did you have to pay a ‘delinquent’ fee like I did for being late?

  2. Ha! I should charge them a deliquent fee! They took my money but can’t deliver a license! Their machine is broken, in the meantime, I have to carry around a notebook piece of paper sized reciept as well as my expired license!