Back In The Water

Good day yesterday, it’s still cloudy (mostly) windy and cold, but the wind is from the north, and I went to the beach at lunchtime and found a spot where it was mostly sunny and pretty hot, because I was strategically using the island to block the breeze. After work, first time in a long time, I stopped and swam the half mile after work. It was soooo nice and I felt so good afterwards. I gotta do it much more often. It took me 20 minutes to go .47 miles. But I was wearing these little mini swim fins. Kinda like these.

AND I got rid of my garbage-from-the-git-go $50 windshield wipers and got a pair of the cheapest ones. $5 each. For the first time in a year, I can see out of my windshield!

Today is a normal workday and tomorrow I’m going to Cayman Brac for work. Looking forward to that!

Have a day that is, as the French say, FANTASTIQUE!