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Yesterdays anonymous cat was gone his morning, I’m glad. I hope she had a nice funeral.

I thought I might be catching a cold last night, sneezy and stuffed up. I was also thinking I might be getting side effects from the covid vaccine, but this morning I feel fine.

My “American Express Fiasco” is out of my hands. Wowza Media is under investigation for credit card fraud.

I have a dental appointment this morning. Cleaning only, I think.

The island is out of Q-Tips, apparently. Wife and I have.been looking for almost two weeks. First they ran out of the ultra jumbo size, now they’re all gone. Not a big deal for us though. We have an emergency stash.

Everything is good, except the weather, still cloudy, windy and cold.

Have a good day.

3 thoughts on “Multi News

  1. Well, it’s a good thing the American Express mess is being handled. That can be so frustrating. I remember dealing with charges on my Visa card for hostels in Europe. We were at sea in the Caribbean at the time. Duh! One call to the bank and it was all taken care of with no problems.

    • Which bank was that? To me, every credit card back is a criminal tipoff. AMEX works for the cardholder, not the merchant.

  2. Looks like I’m right there with you. I just paid my Jan Visa bill. It showed my Dec payments on it. Then I get a late payment notice for my Dec bill. WTF. It shows paid on the Jan bill!

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