Backwards Wright Flier

Officials in Ohio had to — literally — reverse course when they realized their new state license plate design featured a plane flying backwards.

read the NPR article HERE.

I thought the Wright Brothers were from North Carolina?

Speaking of reversing course, I undid my plan of taking Mondays off starting mid November. I’m transferring 5 vacation days to 2022. I’m still taking off all the Fridays though!!

My new shirt, mentioned yesterday, is in the give-away box. Wasted money. I can’t return it because I washed it and wore it (for a couple hours). I wore it to work and couldn’t stand it. I went out in the morning and bought 3 new shirts. All three together cost less than the one microfiber monstrosity. I changed my shirt in the shirt store parking lot.

And now I’m out the door for work! Remember to keep flying forward!

9 thoughts on “Backwards Wright Flier

  1. The backwards plane made big news here, too. 😉

    The Wright Brothers owned a bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio, where they developed their plane. They went to NC to find a flat place large enough to test fly it.

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