Bad dream

Yesterday evening I talked to a friend of mine. Today is his 18th wedding anniversary. I was best man at his wedding. 18 years seems like a long time when you say it. But it doesn’t feel like a long time.
Also he was telling me about how he came to visit me when I lived in the US. I don’t remember that at all. He described where I was living, where I worked, but I don’t remember it a bit. Disturbing.
Then last night I had a dream I lost my wallet. That’s how the dream started. I was at a restaurant (with my parents?) and realized my wallet was gone. Impossible, because I just had it a minute ago. So I started backtracking, looking for it. I ran into a girl at work’s boyfriend, he said we were at this bar last night, maybe it was there. So we go to this bar. (It’s daytime in the dream.) There in the bar parking lot is my car. Oh shit. I don’t remember a thing.
It turns out I had gotten drunk as hell in my dream, made out with this guys girlfriend, lost my wallet and my car. (I noticed the wallet missing, but not the car) and didn’t remember any of it. Except I DO remember making out with the girl, that was the good part!
I was glad to wake up this morning, find my wallet on the dresser, and to realize it was all just a dream. But it’s very distressing not to remember my friends visit. It’s like a week (or weekend, or however long it was) lost from my life. I still drank back then, I imagine that plays a large part in why I don’t remember. (Just so you know, I quit drinking (and drugs) over 15 years ago.)

Here today it is very cold, we had a cold front move through yesterday afternoon. My neighbors are going to the other island for valentines day and they were going to deliver my valentines day gift to the OI Girl, but the flights might be cancelled.

0 thoughts on “Bad dream

  1. Distressing dream! And distressing to know you don’t remember seeing your friend. Yeah, very cold…haha! Well, for your part of the world I guess…Kudos to you for 15 years of no drinking etc. My hubby has been without the brewskies for 10 years. I have one here and there, but we don’t have alcohol in our home; just a decision we made together when we got married…we both know what we are like under the influence…and we don’t regret it for a minute! Have a super day!

  2. You seem to always have these dreams that are sexy in some way. I need to get my dreams on that path. Oh why, then I’ll be daydreaming all the next day about it and won’t be able to concentrate. Never mind!

  3. I have a friend who’s leaving for Costa Rica this evening. She is to bring me back a mug. Would you please be sure she does that? 🙂

  4. Mark, there are a LOT of visits and other things in my life that I have zero memory of. It happens to me still today as well. My husband will say, remember when we went to such and such? I say no. He is taken aback! You don’t remember that? No I don’t. I quite drinking and drugging over 20 years ago and it still affects my memory. Accept it and know it’s something you cannot change. Congrats on your 15+ years.