I went to the beach for a walk yesterday. I found an excellent baby conch shell. Palm sized and brightly colored. It is a rare gem. Here, big shells are kind of hard to come by, you can find small ones all day. You can find big conchs, but that’s about all. I think the descriptive word might be “cute” but that word isn’t in my vocabulary.
Also, I took this pic of an assortment of boats. Take your pick, I don’t know if I’d choose the yacht or the sailboat. Maybe the dinghy, It’s probably the only one I can afford to operate. Not the pirate ship. The yacht has a helicopter. Maybe the barge next to the pirate ship would be best for me. I could build a little beach hut on it and live there.
It got cold day before yesterday, yesterday was suny and cold and today so far is cloudy and cold. Like low 70’s.
Oh, it’s Valentines Day. Happy Valentines Day! My neighbors made it over to the other island with the gift. Hopefully they will deliver it today. It’s just candy and a candle. And a card. The OI Girls Birthday is in February. Very soon, I want to get her an iPod. We’ll be In Costa Rica for her birthday.
I’m kind of depressed, it seems like I’m not going to have as much money to take with me as I wanted to. Money seems to be going out too fast.

8 thoughts on “HVD!

  1. I will happily take a man with a boat, don’t need the boat for myself. Any of those boats will do! Love the conch shell, it is cute! Credit…that’s all you need for vaca. Happy Valentine’s!!

  2. Love the pics and the conch shell is very cute. I would love to have it. I will come live on the barge with you when you get your hut built. Just let me know! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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