Beach & Back, w/ No Beach!

Cloudy Tuesday morning here, I got hit by a couple of raindrops on the walk this morning. On the walk, there was also something else going on, both dogs were in the “hunt” mode. I didn’t see anything unusual but the dogs were very alert, looking around constantly. They were ready to spring into action! There must have been a scent in the air.

And now for something completely different. On my scooter, I mount a camera to record traffic. Yesterday, I set it to take one frame per second instead of video mode. Later, I combined the two sets of photos into a time-lapse video of me going to the beach at lunch and then coming back. It looks like I just go straight there and immediately come back, but really, there was an hour in between when the camera was off, but it looks like I just went and came back without stopping. I am easily entertained. Below is the video:

Not much else going on. Short post this morning.

Have a great DAY!