I started to post yesterday, but accidently closed the tab and thought I lost everything. But I didn’t. I had typed exactly one letter.

I was all shook up yesterday, I still am, but less so today. Last year, I protested an American Express charge for $1999 from somebody called Wowsa Media never heard of them, never bought anything from them. The only thing I recall is a $4 app that was supposed to give me NFL football but didn’t work.

It was a year ago, and I don’t really remember.

So, Dec 24th this year, there’s another $1999 charge from Wowza, I called and disputed the charge again, ane a yesterday I found an email saying the dispute was reviewed, and I owed the money.

Well, I disputed it again, and it’s ongoing now.

But I feel betrayed by American Express. i’ve been a customer for decades, and I use my card a lot, every month.

On a different note, it’s New Years Eve. Hope 2021 is better than 2020, but I’m skeptical.

4 thoughts on “Betrayed

  1. I have no idea what the name of the app was, or if it’s related, it’sjust the only thing that happened about the same time.

  2. Wow, American Express usually takes care of such problems. I hope they sort it out for you soon! I got rid of American Express when my business freebee expired about 40 years ago. I refuse to pay for a credit card. It’s a CPA thing….

  3. American Express is my first and only credit card because they don’t promote perpetual debt like every other. And, allegedly, (until now) they work for the cardholder, not the merchant.

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