Bike Ridin' paypaya grower

A long time ago I planted some Papaya seeds, a long time ago like 2 weeks. They didn’t come up and I was beginning to worry. But this morning, Ta daaaa! 3 out of 4 little papaya plants are growing. Maybe the fourth will come up today. I planted them from seeds of a papaya I ate.

My car is still in the shop. I rekkon I’ll get it back today. I rode my bike home yesterday and will ride it in today. It amazes me that people are amazed that I ride my bike to and from work. It’s less that 10 miles. I bought one of those geeky helmets. As a car driver, I take a biker with a helmet more seriously that one without. Like they’re a tri-athlete or professional bike rider or something.

I’ve been thinking about buying a Vespa. Instead of paying $70 a week or more for gas I could pay $6 every other week. the only problem is that I’m worried about killing myself. I don’t quite understand why I am worried about wrecking or getting run over on a Vespa more than my bike. On my bike, I could get run over by a Vespa! Maybe it has something to do with an engine, or license plates. On a Vespa, I’m in the same class as a car in some ways, but on a bike, maybe I think drivers have an obligation to look out for me. . . I dunno.

0 thoughts on “Bike Ridin' paypaya grower

  1. A Bike Ridin’, Papaya Growin’, Dirt Stealin’, Scaredy Cat? That last one does not fit.I think a Vespa is a great idea…there are several people in my town that use them. Economically you can’t go wrong, but you may check the death rates with them…perhaps others feel the same way…I’m sure it’s a major concern…seriously…no really…LMAO…sorry!

  2. I say ‘go for it, MarkD!’. I can definitely see you jetting around on one of these babies, just drive smart and you’ll be good.

  3. I’ve often thought of getting a Vespa. But I’d only be able to ride it certain months of the year. I don’t think it would be adviseable to ride it in snow and ice. It would be like in the movie Dumb and Dumber!! LOL!!