Slow starting Friday

I stayed up last night watching the movie “Signs”. I had seen it before but it was good again.
Normally I go to bed about 9PM. Last night I went at 11:30. I woke up at 3:30 with a backaache (from riding my bicycle?) and I took some ibuprophen and went back to bed.
But it was hard to get up. I got up at about 40 minutes late.

My landlady called yesterday. She’s cranking the rent up more that 15%. And she wants me to sign a new lease. I really don’t want to sign a lease, as I hope to have a house built to live in by 6 months of so.

I didn’t get my car back, I went to pick it up and I found a lot more rust. I told you I thought the price was too low! Now I’m pretty much going to get all the body work done. I probably won’t have a car all weekend. Heck- I definitely won’t. Its FRIDAY!

0 thoughts on “Slow starting Friday

  1. I couldn’t let you go all day without any comments…I know what a shitty feeling that is when you log on and the stupid thing says “0 comments” It sucks. So…I hope you had a good day and have a great weekend, I will be out of pocket until Sunday night. Can’t wait to hear from ya’ Monday morning! Don’t forget to check out Todd’s website.Bye!

  2. 6 months?!don’t forget where you are!maybe ask to go month to month if you’ve been there in a while in good standing.